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Monday, September 2, 2013

Narrative for Crist's campaign

I think current Governor of the Florida, Rick Scott has become important person for the Republicans. The reason is that campaign of Governor of Florida in 2014 will be the biggest election since president Obama had won Republican candidates twice in the last elections. Therefore if the Republicans defeated again in 2014 it will not only counts, as knockout but also it will be strategic defeat for them. Due to this situation, for Republicans Rick Scott, who had gotten major votes in Florida, works as a Governor is the only one politician to run for the campaign in 2014. Since Rick Scott has 56 percent of the Republicans support for now and it seems that nominating him as a candidate again is the right choice.         
It will be the advantage to nominate businessman for the campaign of Governor in Florida during the time that economy is not good; so that for the voters choosing Rick Scott might be much more right decision because he has enough experiences of how to solve economic down crisis, how to support citizens life and he has certain clear plans and projects. He said, We cut property taxes, we cut business taxes, we cut regulation," Scott said. "We're doing the right thing. We're getting back to work[1] during the meeting of Republicans which determines his work principles.
In my opinion, this is the good message for the republican voters based state. In this election, Rick Scott should campaign based on his incumbency and support of the Republicans rather than personal charisma focusing on middle class because for real competitor Charlie Christ has better rating of personal charisma and popularity. 
Also for the solely politician who isnt team player, it is the smart decision to race tying his incumbency with the voters who support Republicans. It will help to protect his Achilles heel. Otherwise his unpopular image might not give him won because there is a saying that Through most of Scotts first term as governor, he has been the least popular governor in the country.[2]
It’s clear that Democrats think that whoever nominated will defeat Rick Scott and it’s certain that they will down Rick Scott in many ways[3]. In this situation, it’s important to decide to have protecting tactics or fight back to them. I would suggest to Rick Scott to introduce his plans and projects for the voters and inform them works have done during his governance such as works on railways, education and unemployment[4] besides focusing messages for the middle class in order to have swing voters support. Since competitor has strong belief that he will win for the campaign[5] he will be more focused on attacking to Rick Scott rather advertising his plans to voters, so that might give a chance to Rick Scott to have additional points from the voters.     

Hispanic voters will more chance to support Democrats, Rick Scott should concern on 16.6 percent of voters who are African Americans[6]. The reason is they are not the solid supporters of Democrats; they count as swing voters. Due to the Gallup research it’s proven that 95 percent of African Americans had voted for Obama because he represents them. Therefore it is better to focusing on them by introducing plan of business support, increasing employment and concerns of education. 
What can do Governor Rick Scott different in Florida if he elects again would be the answer of the question what would change in Florida if he elects again.  If Rick Scott elects again, for the households how to maximize families’ economic capital rather worrying about how to solve economic crisis and get enough needs of households. Rick Scott is the representative of liberal conservative, which is the best right system of economy and its protector who doesn’t change conception instead of personal view. 

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